Top 10 Android Libraries every developer will need to know

This article contain a collection of some useful android libraries which you can use to make your development life easier.

1. MPAndroidChart

On of the best and Powerful android charting library. This support multiple chart types and provide lot of customization options.

MPAndroidChart android library

2. LoadingButtonAndroid

This library will allow to add nice and clean animation for the buttons. If we need to show some kind of progress inside a button, You can use this library.

LoadingButtonAndroid android library

3. HallScheme

This library will help to make seat booking structure inside your application. library is ideal for movie booking app.

HallScheme android library

4. Toasty

Are you tired of using boring and old looking toaster messages in android . Then this library will help you to add nice, beautiful toast messages to your application.

Toasty android library

5. ShimmerRecyclerView

Shimmer effect can be use to indicate the loading. This is custom implementation for Recycle view to add shimmer effect.

ShimmerRecyclerView android library

6. AppIntro

This will help you to setup cool and nice intro to your app. If you implement this kind of intro from scratch It will take some time. Using this library you can Implement intro within a second.

AppIntro android library

7. Lottie

Lottie is a mobile library for Android and iOS that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile. This project is started from AirBnb development team

Lottie android library

8. CardStackView

This library will help to add Tinder like swipe card to your app. Contain plenty of feature which you need to setup card swipe to your app within a second

CardStackView android library

9. AndroidImageSlider

Image slider with multiple transition method and easy to implement.

AndroidImageSlider android library


Last one is for snackbar lovers. If you want more customization and more look and feel to the Snackbar this is a kind of library you looking for.

ChocoBar android library
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