5 Highly useful macros to automate android phone using macrodriod

Automation tasks in android phones will not be possible without the third-party app. When it comes to task automation, Tasker is the best application. But it’s not a free application even to try. So there is another great alternative called MacroDroid.

MacroDriod is a free application which allows you to create up to 5 macros. Macro is actually a single task which contains triggers, actions and some constraints.

If you don’t have macrodriod pre-install follow these simple steps to install.

Install macrodriod

  1. Open google play and type macrodriod and hit search.
  2. To make sure the application owner should be “ArloSoft
  3. Hit install and after install and open the application
  4. Read permission and accept. Now you are in the home screen

Not let’s dive into the 10 useful macro which you need

Find lost phone when in silent mode

If you misplace your phone in silent mode in home may be it will be hard to find. To find that first we need to change silent mode to the ring mode using some sort of method. That why this silent to ring mode change macro will come to save you.

  1. Select Call/SMS
  2. Select SMS Received and select contact,group or number.
  3. Then select match or contain option and enter matching text as “ring” and press ok.
  1. Click Volume
  2. Select volume change and it will ask to enable permission and go through it and enable.
  3. Then Tick the Ringer and move the slider all the way up to the 100%.

Now send an SMS with text “ring” from the selected number and you can see the volume get to change all the way to the 100. No you can ring and find the phone.

Turn phone to silent when enter a location like work place or school

This will be pretty useful if you are a college student and which you don’t like to ring your phone in the middle of the lecture. Also if you like to silent phone when you enter your workplace to avoid ring in the middle of the meetings.

  1. Select location
  2. Select Geo Fence and select t Area Enter from the dialog and click ok
  3. Then it shows a Select Zone screen and click + sign to select a Zone
  4. Now it shows the map and you can select the radius and add a name for the zone.
  5. Press tick to add the trigger.
  1. Select Volume and Click “Silent – Vibrate off“. It will ask to install some helper files and go ahead and install those.
  2. After file installs Completed click it again and click enabled.

Now when you enter the selected area the phone will activate silent mode.

Take a picture of a person when tries to unlock phone

This trigger will take photo when there is a login failure happen. It will be pretty useful if someone tries to log in to the phone without known.

  1. Go to Device Events and select Failed Login Attempts.
  2. Select the number of failures in a particular period based on your preferences.
  1. Select Camera/Photo and select Take Picture.
  2. It will ask to allow permission and Allow those and Click it again and select Front Facing

Read deleted WhatsApp messages

This is a kind of handy trick. If you are like to know what is your friend send even he or she deleted Whatsapp message. Actually you can use some other third-party apps to do that, but using macrodriod you can write your all message to a file and you will never miss any of those deleted messages.

  1. Go to Device event and select Notification.
  2. Then it will ask you to allow notificaiton read access and allow those access
  3. Then select notification received and select the WhatsApp application from the list and make sure Include option is selected.
  4. Keep Any as text content and keep the other options as it is and press ok
  1. Select File and Click write file
  2. Add whatsapp.txt as a file name. Or If you can want to make a new file in every different thread you can select Notification title from the list.
  3. In the “Enter text” section click the icon and select Notification tile and click again and add New Line. Then click again and select Notification text.
  4. Tick Append to file option and press ok.

Now the all message will be write to that file and you will not miss any of those.

Tell/Notify when battery is full charged

In this macro , it will speak and say “Full charged” until you unplug the phone.

  1. Go to battery and select Battery Level
  2. Select Increase/Decrease and check Increase To and move the slider all the way up to 100%. 
  1.  To add popup message select Notification and Popup Message
  2. Add Message and select Icons you want and select Position and Click Ok.
  3.  Then click + in action to add another action
  4. Selection condition loop , then repeat action and select “Do one and repeat while condition” option
  5. Click + in the dialog and select Power Connected under the Battery/Power category
  6. Select Power Connected and click ok
  7. Click Do/ While  row and Select Add Child Action.
  8. Under the Device action select Speak text.
  9. Add text as “Charged Completed” and click ok.
  10. Then click again Do/ While  row and Select Add Child Action.
  11. Under the MacroDriod Specific select “wait before next action
  12. Select 3 second and click ok

Then your phone will tell when your phone charge in 100% in 3 minute intervals.

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