Best Free Podcast Apps for Android

We are in the age of digital information which we can find in each everywhere. Among those, the podcast is one of the powerful ways of an abstract piece of contents from anywhere you currently in. There is a lot of podcast application available in the Play Store for android devices and you may wonder which is the best. In the age of the podcast, these are my top and best podcast applications currently available in Play Store.


Castbox is king of the podcast app world and best, free podcast application available in the play store. It packed with over million of the podcast including categories of education, comedy, Culture, Arts, Politics, Sports, Business etc. The best thing of castbox is the free version doesn’t contain in annoying ads. It packed with features like offline listening, create own playlist, Live cast, online radio, black theme, screen lock themes, automatic deleting and more. If you are a huge podcast fan, This app will need to keep in your android phone.

Google Podcasts

Contain pretty decent amount of podcast which is cover most of famous categories like Education, business, Technology,Comedy etc. The minimalistic and clean design of the android app will fall you love with it. The kind of best feature which I noticed is the speed change mechanism. You will be able to change the speed of listing based on your preferences. Doesn’t contain the black theme still and hope it will be added to later. You will be able to download and listen later and If you are worried about the phone space you can set automatically delete the listened podcast after a certain period.

google play

Podcast Go

Basic podcast app with a decent feature pack. Contains multiple categories and will be able to download and listen. Contain basic features like offline listening, playlist creation etc. Can filter based on popularity and episode for each category. Contain ads in the free version and you can pay and remove ads.

google play
best podcasts


Are you looking for an android app to start your own podcast while listening to others podcast, the Anchor podcast app will be your choice. Only contain the podcast which is created using the app itself. Anchor app is mainly focused on podcast creation and contain every piece of stuff which you need to get started. Even contain music, songs, beats and you can import audio from your phone. Anchor podcast platform provides unlimited hosting service for users. The podcast can share across different platforms like iTunes, Google podcast. If you like to start your own podcast this is will be your first choose podcast app.

google play

Podcast Addict

Pack with around 750k podcast with 120k Radio channels and Audiobooks. The user experience and the user interface is kind of lack. User has the flexibility to override podcast name, image and other metadata based on the preferences. Kind of best flexible app and other apps do not provide this kind of customization. This podcast app is free with ads and available another paid version without ads.

google play
best podcasts

So what is your favourite podcast app in 2019? Comment down below.

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