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5 best productivity apps for students 2021

Best productivity apps for manage and be productive

If you are a student who is seeking to get some help to step up your study, this application series will be really useful to you. These series do not contain apps only to keep remember the learning stuff, but also have some application which helps you to keep productive when you are studying to get the best of from the study time. Without further delay, these are the best productivity apps for the student to step up your study.

  1. Quizlet
  2. AnkiDriod
  3. Forest
  4. Shake it alarm
  5. TickTick


Free / In App Purchase – 10,000,000+★★★★★4.8/5

Quizlet will be the best solution if you are a busy student and doesn’t have a lot of times to take short notes and write a summary. Quizlet is basically a flashcard application which makes you remember stuff more easily.

When you first load the application you just need to click the + sign and start to create a card set. These cards contain front and back, and It recommended to add with the term in front of the card and definition in back. The card set is a collection of card which goes under the same category. As an example, English will be card set name and you can add each English word and definition as a card.

By default, cards sets are visible to everyone and you can change it by settings. There are two types which you can use to study cards, the tinder-like swipe card or scroll card. Swipe card feature is kind of new and I like that more than the scroll view. Also, you can shuffle the card order If you don’t want to show those cards which the order you added. When you studying the cards, If you swipe the card left it will indicate you want to study that card again and if you swipe right it indicates you got the idea and don’t want to study it again. There is an inbuilt reading functionality also available and it just read the text in the card and if you have a small description it will work really well.

 The next powerful feature in Quizlet is had the ability to make a test based on the cards. There is multiple kinds of test need true/false, multiple-choice, or written and start a test. At the end of each test, you can see how many marks you have got and what are right and wrong answers.

If you want to categories these flashcard based on your classes like computer science, English you can just add a new class and add those set to inside that. If you need to structure as a folder Quizlet also provides that kind of feature too.

The pro version has offline syncing, photos, scan your doc to directly create a card, create a diagram, night theme and many more. Quizlet also has premium content if you are willing to buy and it will save even more time than creating your own card. An available lot of free content created by different users and you can also contribute to that and make sure to make quality content.


Free 5,000,000+4.5/5

Anki is another powerful application which keeps ahead of other application not because of its user interface the because of the technique called spaced repetition which is used in underline. If you are don’t know what spaced repetition it tells how frequent we need to take a lesson to remember that. It proven scientific method and Anki will provide software application to make it more easy. Kind of similar the Quizlet because of flashcard techniques but contain a lot of great customization and features than Quizlet and it free.

First, you need to create a deck and then you can create a card with front and back and add to created cards to deck. You can append images and do a lot of customization based on your need. In the desktop version, If you know HTML and Javascript you can even build a custom template for card. When studying flashcard you can choose whether it need to check again, good or easy and based and based on the choice it will show the card in next time.

Anki provides a lot of statistics about your card and based on that you can get an idea how much you remembered. Also, have a dark theme if you love dark skin like me.

Creating Anki card will be kind of hard in the first place, but if you get used to it it will be very easy. It better to try it for next exam let me know how effective is it. There are a couple of good tutorials available on youtube about how to make better flashcard and you can check those also.

Shake it alarm

Free / In App Purchase1,000,000+4.3/5

Shake it alarm is the best alarming tool if your too lazy to get up in the morning. It more like a normal alarming application except the one unique feature. that the way of dismissing the alarm. You can just set the time and next you can select the alarm dismiss options like shaking, shouting, touch, one-touch or random. Based on my experience the best effective dismiss method is shaking and you must shake your phone until it fills the progress to stop the alarm. so there is no way of doing that without effort and It felt like intimidating in the first place but it’s really effective. Difficult level of the dismiss also configurable and alarm music, volume and type also configurable.

In the home, it shows the list of available alarms and you can turn it on or off by clicking the icons the right end or you can just edit by click on top. Other than the alarm it packs with another great weather details view. You can check how temperature, humidity and wind speed and it show how the temperature gets change within each day. 


Free / In App Purchase10,000,000+4.5/5

If you are kind of person who is get distracted all the time when working, Forest android app will save you from that. Forest app is developed based on Pomodoro techniques. If you are not familiar with Pomodoro technique it’s a time management technique which is split focus time and break time, like 25 minutes of work and 5 minute break. This method is developed by Francesco Cirillo.

In this you just no need to select 25 minute period and app give the flexibility to select between 10min until 120min. But it better to keep a short time span like 25 or if you like to study more select around 50 minutes. If you finished that time without any distraction it will grow a plant and your goal should be a grow as much as plants and build a forest.

You can check the forest by going to the forest section in the menu and it shows an overview in each day, week month or year. If you want details statistics you need to buy a premium version. In the timeline section of the menu show the action as a nice timeline and you can set tags for each time frame and you can identify for which kind of task did you focused.

You can share each card with your friend if need to show how focused you are. In the store, you can buy different trees, bushes and sound effect if you want to make this process more fun. In the setting, you can customize several things like keeping the screen on, set whitelist app, set sound effect so on. Try this nice application which you working or studying and let us know how effective is it.


Free / In App Purchase1,000,000+4.8/5

If you are really into the todo management app, you may have heard of this piece of application. It keeps ahead of todo list app game by providing the simplicity and the must need features. Its clean interface allows making quick to do and default it set the due date as a today. It covers the features like set priority level, tagging, categorising different list and adding reminders. Tags will make the search easy and different task will contain the same tag. Adding list will help to categorize different task in the high level manner and You can use this to categories like a shopping list, work list etc. TickTick inbuild Pomo timer will allow you to use the Pomodoro technique inside the app itself. The time period can customize from 2 min to 60 min and short time and long interval also customizable. TickTick statistics are really straightforward and clean and not contain a bunch of stuff which you doesn’t need. Free version contains a bunch of colour theme and if you are will to pay more you can buy more skin.


What is your favourite app from the list? Do you have any other preferred app?