Top 5 social media management apps/tools in 2021

If you want to boost up your social media business or campaign, then you should consider these five apps to bring your social media game to the next level. Here is the list of top 5 social media management apps out there to manage and design your next social media campaign.


Do you schedule social media updates on your social accounts in advance? Do you need a tool that does this – and much more – for a range of social networks? You’ve probably heard of Buffer App, but you may not know some of its advanced features.

What does Buffer do?

Buffer App allows users to manage a range of social media accounts, aligning updates to share in the future on a range of social networks.

Whenever you find a message you want to share, a tweet you want to retweet or write content you want to share over time, you can add it to your buffer. This places it in a queue and publications are sent in order, at times you have preselected. Therefore you do not need to choose a date and time for each message you want to program. You just added it to your queue and Buffer will do other works for you.

Connect your social media account to Buffer

When you have created your buffer account, you must start connecting your social media accounts.


You can connect accounts from various social networks to your Buffer. You can choose from:

  1. Twitter
  2. The Facebook pages
  3. Facebook profile
  4. Facebook group
  5. LinkedIn profile
  6. LinkedIn Page
  7. Account
  8. Google+ page.

Key features of the Buffer

Here is a brief summary of the main features of Buffer:


Powerful post-composer: The post-composer is media-friendly, which means you can add links, photos, GIFs, and videos to your messages via Buffer.


Your own custom publishing schedule: You can customize your calendar so that queued posts are published any time of the day and at any time.


Publication statistics: Once a publication has been published in Buffer, you can switch to the Publications tab to view engagement statistics, such as clicks, preferences, responses, comments, shares, etc.


Crowdfire is your complete social media management solution with Advanced Social Analytics and additional features such as Post Scheduler, Social Listener, Content Curator, all in a suite of social media management.


Crowdfire can assist you with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo and several other platforms.

Crowdfire can help you:

  1. With social listening.
  2. Track, analyze and upload your social reports.
  3. Compose your own messages and program them for later release.
  4. Automatically search for and recommend articles and images that appeal to your audience. You will be able to share them with all your social profiles while keeping your animated chronologies!
  5. Keep an eye on updates to your website, blog, or online stores. and create beautiful, easy-to-share update messages easily across all your social profiles.
  6. Plan all your messages in advance and automatically show them at the best times or times you have chosen. Save you a lot of time and effort!
  7. Remove the pain of creating separate posts for each social profile and automatically personalize your posts for all your profiles!
  8. Use the Chrome extension to share your favourite Internet pages on all your social accounts in 2 clicks!
  9. Add your favourite websites and blogs as a source of new content using RSS!
  10. Crowdfire is a favourite among social media managers around the world! Millions of individual entrepreneurs, agencies, small, medium and large businesses and individuals who use Crowdfire to go big online.
  11. Crowdfire earned a score of 85/100 in the social media category. This is based on user satisfaction (78/100), expert opinion (89/100), press fad (48/100), recent user trends (up) and other relevant information on Crowdfire gathered on the web.

Features in Crowdfire

Now that everything is in the background, let’s take a look at the main features of Crowdfire

  1. The ability to link and centrally manage multiple social media accounts.
  2. Functionality to queues publications for later automated publishing.
  3. Features to help you discover third-party content that will interest your audience.
  4. Advanced analytics and reports to see how your networks work.
  5. Multi-user support for teams and agencies.
  6. The ability to monitor the performance of your competitors in relation to you.
  7. Direct access to private mentions and messages, all in one place.
  8. IOS and Android apps to manage your social media on the go.

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Hootsuite is one of many tools called “social media management system”. It helps you track and manage your many social networking channels. This can help you monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you react instantly. You can view feeds from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and post updates or reply directly. With so many networks to manage for businesses, there is no doubt that social media management tools have become so popular and used by many businesses nowadays.

If you manage social networking updates for your business, chances are you’ve heard of Hootsuite. In a survey conducted with the Pingdom monitoring tool, Hootsuite has become the best social media management system, with over 20% of companies using it to manage their social media empires. TweetDeck was second and SocialEngage third. For more details, see Pingdom’s original post on the survey. Hootsuite was launched in 2008 by Invoke Media and since then it has an impressive range of features.

Features of the Hootsuite

  1. Including regular viewing and comments, all from a single dashboard. If you have never tried Hootsuite for your business, here are 6 things to know:
  2. Hootsuite can help you save time. If you’re having trouble managing your accounts on social media, Hootsuite can help you. Instead of logging in to multiple accounts and updating multiple pages, you can sign in to the Hootsuite Dashboard to schedule publications and updates. This gives you more time to do other things.
  3. Hootsuite can help you with surveillance. If you want to control your brand, competitor, or industry specifics, you can use Hootsuite to do so.
  4. Facilitate communication with your team. You do not have to leave your dashboard and access another site, send an email, schedule a meeting, or pick up the phone to communicate with your team. Instead, you can use Hootsuite Conversations from your dashboard to collaborate with members of your team, with all members of your office, or with your entire organization. Add who you want to your conversation.
  5. Monitor social media results. This is very important because you need to know what’s working and what’s not working so that you can develop strategies and take the smartest steps for the future. Hootsuite can help you monitor things like page views, likes, followers, comments, referrals, and link popularity. If you need to check bounce rates, stocks and daily growth data, this tool will also provide you with this. This will even allow you to analyze your fans based on characteristics such as gender, language and region.
  6. Easy to manage complex publishing plans. You can use it to post targeted messages to different parts of your network, post messages across multiple accounts, publish on a single social media platform, read content, and more.
  7. Facilitates delegation. As your social media empire grows, you may find it harder to manage it yourself. You can use Hootsuite to delegate certain tasks, including responding to comments and publications, to other members of your social media team. All your team member has to do is log in to see what tasks you have assigned to them.


Have you ever seen beautiful posters on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or on billboards in your area, and did you want to have the design skills to achieve something similar? You may be thrilled to learn that you do not have to be an experienced graphic designer to create eye-catching posters. You can choose from the most common poster sizes for printing, small posters to a custom size for any other poster you want to create. All you need is a Social media post maker, a free app, easy-to-use post creation app.

What is Social Media Post Maker?

Social media post maker is a suite of design tools that let you create your own posts, videos, and web pages using your computer or iOS mobile device. The post creation tool for this application collection is called Social media post maker Post. This app offers a range of poster templates and layouts that you can use to create your own personalized posts to share on social media and print.

Why you should make a post with Social Media Post Maker?

Making a post and sharing it on social networks can bring many benefits. If your post is catching the eye, you will likely attract many different tastes, comments, and subscribers, which is useful if you are trying to create a commercial or personal advertisement on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Posts can also convey messages in a very persuasive way, as they combine strong words with images that may engage the viewer with emotion. Now that Social media post maker’s online posts maker has made posts design a very fast, economical and easy process, creating and sharing posts have become a very effective way to get attention online or in the real world. Why not try it today 100% free?


With more than 60,000 models, the Canva app offers a model for almost any occasion. In addition, it also offers models of different sizes and types. For example, there are separate templates for Facebook covers, flyers, invitations and Twitter posts, and so on.

After selecting a template, you can customize it completely. Although the app provides clipart, it lacks stickers. However, you can add multiple layers of fonts and images in this application.

Believe me, you will love this beautiful app. It’s so easy to make posters. Even if you are a beginner, your friends and colleagues will be surprised by your work.

Four key features in Canva

By providing a variety of graphic design and photo editing functions, Canva makes it easy to expand your site. Whether you need to share important data or simply want a visual element to break down your written content, the features below will help you.


Create charts to share data. Statistics and data can be very useful to users of your site. Even if they can appreciate your opinion, being able to display it with numbers shows that you have done your research and that you have authority on the subject. The problem is that the integration of large amounts of data into tables is not very attractive and does not always display the information clearly.


Edit photos to improve their quality. Photos play many roles on websites. They can be images for your blog posts, personal photos that add authenticity to your brand, or pieces for your portfolio. Regardless of their function, you want them to be at their best. Sometimes this means that your photos require some editing.


Design graphics to improve your messages. There are a variety of reasons why you can add a graphic to your publication or page. You may want to share an infographic to explain your research. A collage of photos could add visual interest to long blog posts. Or you might even want to create your own memes to add a little humour (no criticism of Canva would be complete without a meme!).

Whatever your design needs, Canva probably has a template or tool to help you create it. The simple drag-and-drop editor is easy to use. You can choose from the free library of Canva images, graphics and icons, or download your own:


Use layouts and templates to simplify the design process. Canva includes a host of design templates and layouts to streamline your design process. Many of them may be useful in some of the situations already mentioned – such as graphics and photo collages – but they can also help you with other aspects of the brand that you might want to implement.

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