The 5 best Budgeting apps to manage money of 2021

The 5 best Budgeting apps to manage money of 2021

Do you have a bad habit of spending money in unnecessary stuff and don’t keep track of spending? Then probably you are wasting a lot of your hard earn money.

Managing and sticking to the budget will be hard without application to properly track your spending. In this list contain the best 5 money management and budgeting application which you need to try in 2021.   

Those who don't manage their money will always work for those who do


Free / 0.99-$24.99$


Money lover is one of the favourite budget and finance planning app not because of it features only but also have great user experience and super easy to use. Other than the adding daily transaction money lover provide features like scan receipt , adding recurring transaction , track Debts and event to connect your bank account.


If you are willing to know your expense trending , money lover also also provide those analytics too.

If you are a traveler and looking for app to manage your budget, money lover will be your first choice among other budgeting apps.

Free / 2.5 $


Monefy will simplify the money management process by providing sleek and minimal interface. When you first jump in to the application you can see the visual representation of your current month expenses and Income. It will be really useful to yet a nice and clear idea about your month expenses.

Even though Monefy simplified the way of managing the budget, app contain advance features like Manage different accounts, Export records , sync and backup and many more. 

Free / 0.99-144.99 $


All the budget managing feature are wrap under a beautifully designed Material app. Application more focus on quick management and it does it job very well with nice and clean design. When you are adding a transaction you can attach receipt as well as a location to the record. If you are a traveller who like to track expenses in each places this will be a perfect choice for you.

Wallet provide template structure to add quickly with pre filled records.

Like other budgeting application wallet also provide Debt track, add future payment, add saving goals, backup and many more

Free / 0.99-99.99 $


Spendee comes with the theme of “See where your money goes.”. This app mainly focus on automatic spend tracking through your bank account. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add a transaction manually. You can add transaction within few second and it show the casflow in nice graph in the main screen of the app.


If you are interested to share your finance goals with social media , Spendee provide nice share feature to generate image and share any media.

Spendee - Budget and Expense Tracker

Free / 1.99-94.99 $


If you are person who love games this app will be a game changer. Fortune City app provide fun way to track your expense. This app contain city simulation game itself and the build of the city depend on your expenses. This is a nice motivation to manage your finance in effective way

Gamification are stunning and provide all the basic function which need to contain in a finance app. App developed by Fourdesire and they have this kind of nice uniques application for other productive stuff.​

Comparison of Each app

This is the ultimate comparison of the apps.

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