Everyone loves to keep their apps in the dark mode because it’s good for your eye and it saves some batteries on your phone.

Recently most companies introduced dark theme for their apps to support with system dark theme functionality introduced by both ios and Android. If your phone already setup for a dark mode then the supported app like including instagram will turn in to dark mode without extra effort.

But if you don’t own an Android 10 device, it will be hard to get the dark mode to some favourite apps like Instagram.

Don’t worry there is a easy way to enable dark mode in instagram apps using a simple app. Also this method does not required to root an Android device and no need to run any ADB command to enable it.

Follow these 3 steps to enable dark mode in any of your android devices.

  1. First go to the play store and search dark mode.
  2. It will show a App which is developed by person called Julian Eggers and go ahead and download that.
  3.  Open the app and Select Night Mode from the options.

Now when you open the Instagram you can see the Instagram has been converted to the dark mode. According to the developer this app support in devices which have Jelly bean, KitKat, Lollipop and onward.

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