How to download Youtube Videos with or without Apps

There are over billions of videos available on Youtube and the amount increase every second. Watching a video online may not work for everyone because of several reasons. If you have a bad internet connection it will be hard to watch video online and You may want to download some from better connection and watch it in later. Maybe you need to save some data when watching the same video over and over.

Download youtube videos without a software

If you need to download a youtube video there are some desktop and mac software available and based on the experience it kind of a waste of space of installing a separate app to download youtube videos.

There are plenty of websites provide youtube download capability and finding a good one will be hard. Therefore we will list down some best website available to download youtube videos.

Y2mate is one of the best when comes to youtube video download. Y2mate not only allows to download just a Youtube video, but It also allows to download a video in different resolutions.

Another thing is if you just need only the voice part of the video, you download it as an Mp3 file. This will be pretty handy if you are looking to download some music from youtube.


Saveform is one of the popular website to download youtube video among a lot of people. Because you can just load the download site without leaving the youtube itself.

You just need to remove the https://www. part from the URL and replace with double “s” (ss) and press enter in the URL.

As an example, if the video URL is then you need to remove the front part and replace with ss like below.

Then when you press enter it will load saveform and from there you can select the resolution and download the video.

youtube video downloader

youtubenow is another service which allows to search and download from their website. No need to copy and paste the URL you can just type the name and it will show a list of videos based on the search word and you can download anything from there.

There is no download limit in this service and you can do video converting along with youtube download.

Download Youtube videos in Mobile

This is the legal and easy method because youtube app by itself allows to download video and watch it in later.

When you start playing videos you can see download button along with like and dislike buttons and you can start download from there. After the download completed you can go to Library tab and you can see the download button and it shows no of download which you have already. You can just click it and see what are the downloaded videos.

The main issue is you can only watch these videos inside the youtube app itself. Because these videos do not share with any public folder and cannot access through another app. Therefore if you want to share or edit those videos after download this will not be a good option.

Youtube video download

KeepVid is one of the most popular apps when comes to download youtube videos. It becomes famous not only by allowing to download videos from youtube, keepVid also allows to download video from Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and a lot of other media.

KeepVid allows to download videos in different resolution ranges and downloading an Mp3 file of the video is also possible with KeepVid.

KeepVid youtube video downloader

TubeMate is a quite popular app among video downloaders. TubeMate also allows you to select the File format and the quality of the video and you can see the downloaded list inside the app or you can check the videos from the Gallery.

tubemate youtube download

Snaptube is another trustworthy application with a nice and clean interface. Like the other apps, Snaptube Also allows downloading just only the video with different qualities or only the audio. Not like other apps, snaptube will let the user set the name and location when downloading a video. It is really useful to organize your videos.

Snaptube let you download videos from Instagram, WhatsApp , Facebook and other popular services and websites.

When comes to the User interface snaptube stands out other apps 

snaptube youtube downloader

When comes to the ease of use, Vidmate also provides an easy user interface to download youtube videos. When you first open the app it shows some different categories like music, funny etc to filter videos and it will be an easy start to most of the users

Vidmate can download videos from popular services like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok , Twitter and more.

VidMate youtube video downloader
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