How to enable fingerprint lock in whatsApp on Android

How to enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp for Android

Whatsapp team recently introduced fingerprint lock feature to the android phone.


Android user will be able to give fingerprint lock to secure your whatsapp messages. If you are more concern about the security and privacy of your chats, It will be very useful features to you.


In here app it self use the same fingerprint which is used to lock the mobile phone.

Enable fingerprint lock on Whatsapp android

Before set the fingerprint you must update the Whatsapp to latest version. Currently available latest version is 2.19.308 in stable channel and if you are a beta program user you can install 2.19.309


Next if you don’t have fingerprint setup already please go to setting and setup fingerprint lock for you phone.


Next follow these steps.

  1. Click 3 dot  icon in right corner of the screen and go to settings.
  2. Click Account
  3. Go to Privacy
  4. In the bottom you can see Fingerprint lock
  5. Toggle unlock with fingerprint and select Automatic lock time period as you need.


Now you have completed the setup of fingerprint lock.When you open the whatsApp it will show fingerprint scan screen before enter to the chat.


whatsApp fingerprint android
Got to settings
Go to account
whatsApp fingerprint android
Go to privacy
whatsApp fingerprint android
Go to fingerprint lock
whatsApp fingerprint android
Toggle fingerprint lock

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