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Flutter how to change App display name

Change the app display name in android and iOS

Flutter default adds the project name as an application display name. But maybe we need a different name for the display than the project name.

There is no straightforward way to change the display name from a single place. We have to edit the android config and iOS config separately. But it just a two-line

Android App

Go to android→ app → src → main and open the AndroidManifest.xml file. In there under the application tag, there is a android:label attribute. Set the application name which you need to display for that value.

        android:label="Food App"

iOS App

Go to iOS → Runner and open Info.plist file. There you can see <key>CFBundleName</key> and value would be your application name. Set the name you need for that string tag.

        <string>Food App </string>

Next, open the terminal and run the following command.

       flutter clean

Now run the app in both iOS and Android devices to see the new app name.

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