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Top 4 Flutter development courses to Learn Flutter in 2020

Best Flutter course for beginners

Flutter becoming the hot technology which is overcome the lot of barriers in cross platform app development. Most of the developers switching from React Native to Flutter because of easy of development and solid experience provided by Flutter.

To Get start with Flutter app development you will need solid background experience of app development and dart language.

Currently there are plenty of app development courses are available and it will hard to find best one.

To make your life easier I will help you to find best Flutter development course currently available.

The best thing is these courses are currently in sale and don’t forget to buy them and save ton of money.

By – Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Learn Flutter & Dart to build iOS & Android apps

If you are ever used access any Maximilian content you will know the quality he provide. This course also content around 60 hours of content which divided in to 604 Lectures.

You will learn Flutter app development with real world example and it cover topic related to Widget,Responsive Interface,Navigation,State Management, Form, Animation, Platform specific implementation and more.

The complete 2020 Flutter development bootcamp with dart

By – Angela Yu

Angela Yu brings this flutter course with the collaboration with Google Flutter team. Therefore there should be no doubt about this course.

Her teaching style is really calm and you will grab the concept in single watch. 

This course content around 27 hours of content which divided in to 198 Lectures.

You will learn to build several apps like Dice app, Xylophone app,BMI calculator and more. Also It cover how to use Firebase to implement chat application.

Flutter Firebase course by Fireship

By –

If you are a follower of youtube channel you will know the quality of the content provide.

Even thought it says only about the Firebase in the topic , course cover the all basic and implement real application using Flutter.

At the end of the course , you will learn not only the app development but also how to publish app to Google play store and apple App store.

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Dart and Flutter: The complete developer’s guide

By – Stephen Grider

Stephan not only tech you to how to implement your next flutter app, he also teach great practice and technique when it comes to app development.

This course contain some great stuff which not mentioned in other courses like RxDart, Testing, Implement libraries and more.

This course content around 31 hours of content which divided in to 401 Lectures.