Flutter  — Horizontal Circle listview Part 2

In last tutorial we created a cool circle view. In this tutorial I am going to wrap that widget inside the horizontal listview. For that we need to create a statefull widget. Because Listview populate dynamic content.

When creating statefull widget we have to do two things. we need statefullwidget class and state class. First we extent the statefull widget class and and we need to override the createState method

class CircleImages extends StatefulWidget{
State<StatefulWidget> createState() {
return CircleWidgets();

Next we need to extend state class and we need to override build method to create a widget. Inthis first we are creating a list of circlewidget and add those widget to List<Widget> and then we pass that list to the ListView children.

Inside the listview widget there is a property called scrollDirection. It default scroll to vertical. In this I have set that value as Axis.horizontal and It get scroll to horizontal.

Project link — https://github.com/IshanFx/Flutter-Samples/tree/master/circle_list

Check the video

Flutter Circle horizontal listview

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