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Rent a car application UI using Flutter

Implementing car rent application in Flutter

This article will be show how to design UI part of the Rent a car application. This application UI is taken from dribble and done by  Andrija Prelec .

In here you will get an idea of developing a tinder like swipe card app using flutter.

There are two part of this application. First Part is developing the vehicle card view like tinder cards and the second part is to show the details of the vehicle when tap top of the card.

I this it better to check this youtube tutorial and you can get better idea from that.

This is the first part

This is the second part which shows the implementation of the details view.

In here you will learn the way of changing the bottomsheet code to adjust the height based on the content. The default bottomsheet max height is the half of the screen. But you can learn how to extend that to get the full height and wrap the content to adjust the height based on the content. I have a seperate article to discuss this also.