11 best Habit tracking apps 2020

11 best Habit tracking apps 2021

Building a good habit and breaking a bad habit is not much easy as you think. It required consistency and focus and take a lot of time.


To keep this journey less hard, we recommended using some kind of habit tracker application.


There are plenty of applications available in the play store and it will be hard to find a gem in the play store. In this list, we have mentioned the best free habit tracking app for android available in the play store and you can try any of these to build new habit and break a bad one.

Why do we track a habit?

Tracking the habit will give you more pleasure and accomplishment. Also, you feel more like control of your self.

like to know more about habit , we highly recommanded Power of habit book

- written by Charles duhigg


Loop habit tracker is one of the simple and clean but powerful currently available in play store. Not like other apps in the list loop habit tracker is open source and If you are curious about building this kind of app you can check the actual code by yourself.


Each habit show as a list of task in the home screen and show days in the top. If you completed a habit on the particular day you just need only press and hold the relevant position to mark it as done. Repeating habit also configurable and if you are forgetting to complete the habit you can set the reminder as well.


Loop has implemented their own habit score tracking functionality to identify the strength of the habit. Having a good score means you have a good sense of keeping your habit at good level.

New Habit

Even though the new application to the habit tracking world, from the User experience perspective and functionality of New Habit app will surpass most of the other apps.


Contain an inbuild list of habits under the different categories and do not need to create a one from scratch. Nice thing in the app is when you create a new habit it shows what are benefits, steps need to follow, Progress, tips and other related resources based on the habit.


In the home screen, it showcases the list of habits added by yourself and the progress of each. If are looking to get to know about some good habit of famous persons like Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Charles Darwin, the New Habit app will provide that functionality also.

Habit Tracker

The easy and straightforward user interface will allow you to create and track your habit more easy and efficient way. Contain few templates to get started and have the capability to fully customize the days of repeating the habit.


Habit tracker shows each list of habit under each day and it will make easy to track what is the day which completed and not. The main downside of the application is some interface component are not optimized well and the lack of reporting when compared to other apps. Other than that Habit tracker is good to have an application if your like simplicity.


One of the best award-winning application when comes to the habit tracking world. Fabulous has won the Google’s Material Design Award for Most Charming Engagement and has nominated to Google Play’s Best App Award.


Start of the app provides you with a journey to identify what kind of habit you have and what kind of person are you. Based on your selection the Fabulous provide challenges for you to achieve in each day. After you complete one challenge, the app will provide another challenge to keep you up in the game. User journey will provide a better understanding of your accomplishment and if you need further assistant 1:1 coaching functionality will be more helpful.

Sobriety Counter

Habits can be a categorise to a bad habit or good habit. If you are suffering from a bad habit or addiction like a drug, gambling, junk food, sugar addiction Sobriety Counter will be your first choice to overcome those habits. Sobriety clock will allow the user to track exact hour which will super useful to break the habit.


Habitica brings a unique game-like experience to the habit tracking application. It makes you more fun of achieving habit than traditional methods. You can start the journey by adding habit and creating a custom avatar. Complete each added task will level up the avatar and unlock the armour, skills and many other cool features.

Goal Meter

To-do list-based application which allows adding a goal or the Task/habit based on your need. Goal can be selected from available categories like study, exercise, diet, work, financial and so on. Each category has subcategories to get started and contain a nice description by explaining why you need to keep this habit. Clear and easy user flow will allow to create and track habit with minimal effort. Goal meter will help to remove bad habit and convert those into a good habit and improve your life.


Even though having low no of review you will like the minimal and great user experience which provided by Habitify. Even though minimal interface Habitify has the functionality to add recurring task, goals and powerful reports to track the performance. Application mainly focuses on the habit need to complete in each day and it helps to give more focus on a relevant task only.


TickTick is originally a todo application which contains the habit tracker feature as an external addon. If you are using it for the first time you just need to go to setting and click tab bar and enable the Habit toggle. Now it will show in the home.

Tracking the habits and todo in the same application will be easy you rather having two application. You will be able to select pre-defined habit or you can create one from the scratch with nice icon and motivation quote.

Habit Challenge

Habit challenge provides an easy way to go to your habit history and check about your performance.it simple and effective. Start by adding habit name and days need to perform and times in a day. Habit Challenge is kind of lack when comes to template and categorisation. App itself contains a widget to add to the home screen and you can check habit even without opening the app.


So what is your favourite habit tracking application and why? Let us know in the comment section.


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