How to Fix Mac Spotlight Search Issue

Have you ever encountered the issue of not showing search result in the spotlight? You can fix that search issue in less than 5 seconds

Why does the spotlight search get broken?

Spotlight search issue occurs mainly because of the breaking the application indexing in your system. This breaking happens because of the issue in macOS. Even Apple has bugs πŸ˜‚ . So we need toΒ rebuild the indexΒ to fix this issue.

How to Fix the Spotlight search issue

You can fix this issue with a single terminal command.

First Click the LaunchPad and select the Terminal app.

mac spotlight issue
mac spotlight issue

If you can’t find the terminal in there, Open the Finder and click Applications from the Side Menu. Then Open the Utility folder.

How to Fix the Spotlight search
How to Fix the Spotlight search

In there you can find Terminal application. Double click to open it.

Then copy and paste the following code in the Terminal.

       sudo mdutil -E /

It will ask you to enter the password. Enter it and press the Enter.

This command will Erase(-E) and rebuild the indexing of your Mac. This will take some times between 5 to 30 seconds and After indexing has done close the Terminal and press cmd + space to open the Spotlight. Then try to search your Application or file. You can see the result will appear as expected.

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