5 stuff you need to know when taking screenshots in Mac

How to take a screenshot in mac

There are mainly two ways to take a screenshot in mac.

Capture the entire screen

Press cmd + shift + 3 and it will take a full-screen screenshot.


As soon as you press this key combination you will see the preview in the bottom of the screen if you didn’t click that it will save automatically. If you press that it will open up the screenshot edit window. In there you can do various things including adding colours, crop and if you don’t like the screenshot you can delete from there before without saving

mac take entire screen screenshot

Capture selected area of the screen

Press cmd + shift + 4  and it will change the cursor to the selector. You can select the area which you like to take as a screenshot and it will save only that part as a screenshot.

mac take part of screen screenshot

Where does screenshots save in mac

In the mac default screenshots saved in the desktop with the name screenshot at

How to change where Mac screenshots are saved

  1. Press cmd + shift + 5
  2. Click options.
  3. Either select location which is listed or select other location.
  4. If you select the other location to navigate and select the folder which you which to save the screenshots
  5. After that, all the screenshot will move to the location which you selected
mac screenshot

How to copy the screenshot to clipboard mac

If you don’t want to save a screenshot in your mac and fill up the storage, just only need to copy and paste into somewhere else macOS provides an easy way to do that.


Press cmd + control + shift +3 (4) and it will take the screenshot and copy to the clipboard. Then you can paste the screenshot in the document using cmd + v combination.

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