3 ways to fix not enough space on startup disk issue in Bootcamp Assistance

Fixing not enough space issue in bootcamp

If you have ever tried to install windows 10 to your mac through boot camp? If yes then you must have seen this issue. Even though your hard drive has free space more than 42Gb it shows a error saying “Not enough space on startup disk” and it really frustrating.

But there are couple of ways to fix this issue. I have found 3 ways to fix this issue and make sure to try all these methods if the first method does not work for you.

Disable time machine

Go to the System Preferences and click the Time Machine. Then untick the BackUp automatically and close the dialog.

Then open the terminal and run following command

       sudo tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 999999999999

Then restart the machine. Then try to run Bootcamp and most of the times issue get solved by this method.

Remove purgeable

Open the terminal type the following command

       dd if=/dev/zero of=~/stupidfile.crap	

Then wait some time to complete and after it get completed type following command.

       rm ~/stupidfile.crap

Then try to run bootcamp again to check whether the issue solved

Resetting spotlight

Go to the system preferences and select the Spotlight. 

Then click the privacy tab. Now you can see the + button and click that and select the Macintosh HD from the dialog and press choose.

Then you can see the Macintosh HD in the list. Then select the Macintosh HD  and click the “-” to remove it. 

Then it will reindex the files in mac and now you can try to run the Bootcamp again

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