How to schedule Instagram post in Desktop without application

Are you a person who are tired with posting everyday and hard to keep up with the schedule? Then this article will be really useful to you.

Why you need to schedule post on?

Posting in regularly will be crucial because if you do not keep posting the instagram algorithm will understand you as a non engaging user the rank you as a low level engagement user. Then the instagram will not show in feed and it will affect the no of followers you get per day and engagement.

Is there risk of using third party software to schedule post?

Instagram API (Application programming interface) which used by developers to access the instagram service not allow full access of posting current now.

It will allow to post Photos with limited capabilities and videos, carousel are not allowed yet.

But you may have seen some app which allow you to post videos and other directly to the instagram. These methods are not directly allowed by instagram there are some risk of using these kind of apps.

Is there a way to schedule instagram post without getting ban?

Yes there is a legal way to schedule post in instagram without ban. There is a reason to not get ban by using this method. Because This platform developed by Facebook, you may know now the Facebook own instagram. So there are no risk of using that.

To use this method you must have instagram business account

How to schedule Instagram post if you have a business account

First go to the this link and login with your Facebook login. If you don’t have a facebook account you can create from here.


Creator Studio

After you get loggin you will landed to a creator studio dashboard. In the top bar you will see a Instagram Icon and click it. Now it will load the Instagram connect page. Click connect your account.

Creator Studio

Then provide your username and password to login.

instagram login

If the login get success it will load the Account page which list down your connected account.

Next click the “Create a Post” button in left top and select “Instagram Feed” 

instagram schedule post


It will show a popup dialog to add images and description of your post. You can add single image or multiple images with hashtags, description and the location. In the advanced section, you can disable the comment and you can add business partner

instagram schedule post

After click the arrow in the publish button and it will show schedule options. Select the date and time and press schedule.

instagram schedule post

Now the instagram take care of other things and the post will be appear on the scheduled time.

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