Why I developed Botly App?

Recently I developed the application called Bolty for android phones. You may wondering what kind of app is it? I know what your are thinking. You may think it is a king of bot app, right? Sooo…. actually not. It is a simple app and it will be very useful in many cases.

The current version of the botly app have 4 options. All these 4options are mainly based on SMS. They are

  1. Turn on WiFi using SMS
  2. Change Vibrate mode to ringing mode using SMS
  3. Get the phone latest location using SMS
  4. Make phone call from your phone to the phone which is SMS sent.

Among theses 4 features, my favorite one is second one. Because most of the time I keep my phone in vibrate mode and I place my phone in somewhere. When I need my phone, I cannot find that. I cannot ring it and find. Because it is in the vibrate mode. Now , I can simply send a SMS with a code for my phone and It will change the vibrate mode to ringing mode. Now I can ring it and find It. Also this phone location feature will be useful when your phone is not connect to the internet. What it does is, when you send a SMS with a code the phone will send you a last location as a SMS and You can open that SMS link through Google Map.

I hope to add more feature to this app in future and for now .. that’s it…… 🙂

You can download app from this link

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